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Soil less Cultivation also known as hydroponics uses a different method for growing. Artificial media is used to hold the plants & roots, water fertilizers & pesticides reach directly to the roots and spread evenly & directly. The growth of the roots is also better in this media. This technology is ideal for areas with infertile land/ soil.


  • Cultivation is also possible in wasteland.

  • Lower chance of root based infections.

  • Better availability of micro and macro elementsBetter control of EC in the root zone.

  • Unifrom irrigation and better growth of root zone.

  • Unifrom growth.

  • Better quality production.

  • Better yield.

  • Possible to re-use the drainage water and nutrients.

  • Almost unlimited roots zone in continuous trough system.

  • Easy crop management.

  • Improves the farmers / growers skills.

  • No weed problems.

  • Ability to control diseases in the roots zone and to sterilize the media

  • No need to use machinery or and equipments nor any soil tilling operation needed.

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